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Until Sunday the 22nd of April 2018!

Our aim is to raise funds to support rural youth mental health!

Blackwood Youth Action

Advocating with young people to improve their health and well-being and creating a hub for all youth related information in our region.

The Rotary Club of Bridgetown

Is dedicated to making the world a better place through promotion of peace, cultural understanding and service to the community.

GPs Down South

GP down south is a not-for-profit, community organisation providing health and wellbeing services in the South West and Peel regions of WA.

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  • We still have some jerseys left!  Get your entries in for the 'Half & Best’ or ‘Full Tour’ for your complimentary Jersey. Rider packs & jerseys can be collected on Saturday the 21st & on the morning of the ride.

  • Experience the picturesque South West. We have developed 3 courses to suit every rider's level of fitness and experience. The ‘Full Tour’ and ‘Half & Best’ have some challenging climbs and exciting descents. The ‘Cozy’ ride is aimed at family participation. For more information on each ride go to the rider information page. The action will get underway on Sunday the 22nd of April

  • Proudly organised by the Rotary Club of Bridgetown.


The Rotary Tour of The Blackwood

This is a challenging cyclist event with 2000 m of climbing through stunning countryside. The race will start at 7am. At the finish of this ride, you will continue through Bridgetown onto a cat 4 climb to The Bridgetown Sports Ground.

Half & Best

This ride is 65Km, approximately half the distance of the 'Full Tour'. It has numerous challenging climbs and descents. This ride will start from the Bridgetown town square at the railway crossing on Steere St. at 7am with the main ride. As with the 'Full Tour' continue through Bridgetown on to a cat 4 climb to the Bridgetown Sports Ground.


Cozy starts from the sports ground at 10am and follows a picturesque undulating course over 29 Km. This ride is suitable for families and beginners.

  • Dr Sarah Youngson Blackwood Youth Action

    Blackwood Youth Action Inc. (BYA) is a not-for-profit grassroots community organisation established with the primary objective of engaging all young people in their community, to enable them to maximise their fullest potentials. BYA works alongside young people, advocating with them, and supporting them to ‘be the best they can be’. BYA has identified a critical need for social and emotional support services for our region’s youth, and is proud to be partnering with the Rotary Club of Bridgetown in actively addressing this need.

  • Dr Michiel Mel GPs DownSouth

    GP Down South is a not-for-profit, community organisation providing health and wellbeing services in the South West and Peel regions of WA


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